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The main purpose of existence of these real estate companies and agencies is for helping people finding a suitable place for their livelihood. There are brokers who work for these real estate companies and they help in finding the best place for living. These brokers keep themselves abreast with the changes in the market conditions and this helps them in guiding the customers with information then and there. They do not just deal with residential requirements but also try to keep themselves updated with the availability of land and property for commercial purposes. For all these they get a pay in the form of commission. This commission varies according to the service they provide.

This real estate business has a bright future and this is mainly contributable to the technological developments and improvements. It is no more the olden day`s broker services but the challenges and path ahead these companies are becoming tougher and challenging. The increasing demands and requirements of people is one main reason for this. They are now compelled to diversify them in different areas and are pushed to understand the needs and demands of people even before they approach these brokers. They are now required to be pro-active in presenting all the demands ready-made to the customer when they present it to the brokers. For this, the real estate owners have started investing in centralized processes that will help in serving the customers better. This has not only changed their way of working entirely but has also called for more employment opportunities. Now there is a requirement and demand for more manpower for project management and planning. Qualified professionals are called for architecture, construction, interior designing and those with latest technical brains. On the whole, this sector has a great scope in the future and it is definite to accommodate more people thus increasing their value and worth.